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Kashmir the Valley Of Vitality

Kashmir is a beautiful valley set on the lap of the mighty Himalayan ranges. Jammu and Kashmir is the first Himalayan states of India set beautiful as the green paradises. Its enchanting landscape, snow capped mountains, attractive blue valleys and lakes are the tempting nature of this wonderful tourist place of India.

Located in the north western region in the map of India Kashmir is a border lies in the border region under Jammu and Kashmir the first Himalayan state of the country. Strategically set between the great Himalayan and Pir Panjal mountain ranges it is in fact a perfect destination for all adventure seekers and offer marvelous sites sprawling all around with spell binding extravaganza scenery that will steal the minds of every kind of tourists.

Kashmir is a correct choice for honeymooners.Kashmir honeymoon package offer places like Zanskar, Krishtwar and Ladakh for trekking expedition and they are the major mountaineering zones of this state. Of course the Phir Panjal, Karakoram ranges too offer equal delight to daring mountaineers. And if you can endure more daring sites for more thrills Sonamarg peaks and the lower peaks of Krishtwar are more challenging sites than the other due to its ruggedness of the surface features but it’s thrilling and exhilarating and offer spectacular viewing delights of the backdrop valleys and mountains lying on the other site, thus this the pleasure and delight of this eagle bird’s eye view has also tempt hundreds of tourist here during vacations and summer break.

For those holiday vacationers and for student excursion goers the places like Gulmarg off incredible adventure sports for both children and adults. Gulmarg is one of the best ski resort in India, it offer magical experience of skiing delight and pleasure and when it comes to facilities and surrounding ecstasies this particular ski resort is renowned not only in India but also Asia and worldwide. It has the distinction of being one of the highest lift served resorts in the world and is also a great site for the beginners. If you are new to skiing you can learn easily on the two Poma ski-lifts on the snow covered gulf course that is located just nearby in one of the snow plateau region.

world famous tourist places in kashmir

kashmir houseboat in valley

Apart from skiing and other adventure sports activities, it also offer lake tours with houseboat cruise, fishing, paragliding and other mild fun fill activities to take as a relax leisure stopover activity. Houseboat Kashmir will be a wonderful experience for tourists and Pahalgam for horse riding, fishing, ponies riding and golfing. Sanasar is also one of the best area paragliding and the suitable time to go will be the period of May, June, September and October and so Sanasar is mostly popular among holiday makers and picnic goers.

Today among all the tourist places that are found happening in India there is none other site more exhilarating as Kashmir and almost half of the tourist visitors specially those escaping for summer vacation and other weekend holiday break are all nestled here all together. Thus the valley is called as the holiday hub of India.go to website

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Kashmir –the land murmurs beauty

Jammu and Kashmir is the northern most Himalayan state in the country of India.This is the only state in India which has two capitals. Jammu serves as the capital in winter and Srinagar serves as the capital in summer. House boating is the main tourist activity in Srinagar. The beautiful house boats of Srinagar floats in the enchanting Dal Lake.  Jammu and Kashmir also contains one of the most visited temples in India such as the Vaishno Devi temple at Amarnath. It is estimated that over half million people visit this temple during the festive season. The important places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir are Jammu, Kashmir, Leh, Ladakh, Katra, and Srinagar. The Kashmir valley stretches over a distance of 84 miles from south-east to north-west.kashmir packages

The climate in this valley is cooler than Jammu. In October the temperature falls below 10 degree Celsius and it is the time when the tourism cease. Leh is situated at a height of 3500m above the sea level. The Leh palace is the prime attraction here which was erected by a king named Sengge Namgyal in the 17th centaury. Katra is situated at the baseof the Trikuta Mountains. The Vaishno Devi temple is located in the Trikuta Mountains. This makes the city of Katra also a busy place. Katra is at a distance of 42km from Jammu. Ladakh is famous for its provisions for trekking. During winter the temperature here may drop below -20 degree Celsius. Jammu is the winter capital and it is a home for lot of temples, hence the name City of Temples. All the requirements needed to visit all these places are provided in our tour packages in Kashmir ensuring safe and enjoyable stay in Kashmir.

The prime attraction in Srinagar is the beautiful Dal Lake houseboats. Dal Lake has a length of 8km and it is the second largest lake in the state spread over an area of 26sq km. There are some small islands towards the western part of the lake. Flower plants are cultivated on boats known as floating gardens. It is truly a mesmerizing view to watch these gardens float in the lake. You won’t ever forget the time you spent on these house boats and the magical attraction that the Dal Lake offers. The history of houseboats dates back to the time of British rule in India. When land grants are taken away from the people of Jammu they made these house boats their home.

Our tour packages provide you with all the requirements necessary for making your stay in Jammu enjoyable. You can get the best of the house boats that can take you to see all the beautiful locations in the Dal Lake. These house boats are very spacious and are decorated well. It will grant you a luxurious and cozy ride through the Dal Lake. There will be a cook and a caretaker for you in every house boats. Never miss an opportunity to enjoy this delightful ride in the house boats

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Kashmir Peace and Tranquil Ranging Home Of Nature

Bountifully blessed by nature, Kashmir is a home of majestic mountains, romantic rivers, snow covered valley and lovable Mughal gardens. The paradise look of nature along with the salubrious climate makes the valley of Kashmir and its surrounding natural landscape a suitable site for ideal holiday and honeymoon escape.kashmir tour

The well descript Kashmir is a part of the one of the most attractive state of Jammu and Kashmir which lies on the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the only valleys in the state that serves as the resting site for all travelers. It is also an important center for all religious community that are found in the state and among which Hinduism and Buddhism are the main religion practice within the state.

As the valley lies just right in between the Great Himalayas and the Pir Panjal mountain ranges, its scenery is extremely awesome and as the area serves as a suitable trading route it has a great neighboring countries influences and thus you will find some of parts of the valley are of Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir which means most of the parts of Jammu and Ladakh while some other part of it belongs to Pakistani-administered area like Gilgit and Baltistan and the Azad Kashmir provinces all belongs to them and the rest few areas are occupied and are under Chinese-administered regions of Aksai Chin and Trans-karakoram tract and so if you planing a trip to kashmiryou will come across varieties of attractions of the mix culture and others.

If you travel with vacation tour packages in Kashmir, its packages will take you to different places and different attraction area and also give you variety of activities and excitement options and most of the packages tours includes visit and excursion to many places and most probably the places such as Srinagar, Pahalgam, Ladakh and Jammu are sure to come across if you travel trip with such type of packages. The above mention sites along with some areas like Sonamarg and Gulmarg are most frequented area and are well sought after by almost every tourist visitors.

For honeymoon in Kashmir, the places such as Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonmarg and Pahalgam are some of the beautiful nature adorned area where you can be all alone with your beloved spouse and enjoy peace, serenity and tranquility of nature and take pleasure in the amusing the beautiful enthralling attractive picturesque scenery. If you go to places like Srinagar, what you can do is to take up houseboat ride, get lose for sometime in the charming lake of Kashmir totally away from the noise of the busy city live. For those romantic escape like honeymoon for couples houseboat cruise is one of the best way to enjoy privacy, comfort, peace, serenity and enjoyment of adventure dating.

But for those coming for travel to kashmir besides houseboat cruise there are lots of adventure thrilling activities in Gulmarg and Ladakh, it will be much exciting to take up such places for holiday escape. Thus Kashmir is a home of nature and has something for all types’ travelers.

Hope you enjoyed the journey by reading.To know more about the paradise on Earth,click here

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Kashmir Tour Package Offers World’s Most Deserving Attractions

It’s really very easy to find heaven on earth now, I know that you will be surprised with this, but it is possible none other than Kashmir precisely called heaven on earth, a beautiful state located at northern part ofIndia. Home to natural virgin attractions and delightful ambiance, it is one such state whose significance and splendour is just beyond the words and visual delight. Every year tourists from within and across the woKashmir tour packagesrld visit this state with their different holidaying purpose such as family holiday, adventure, honeymoon and etc. delightful ambiance, soothing climatic conditions, and excellent topography are the prime features of Kashmir.

Invigorating hill stations, cascading waterfalls, blossoming gardens, exotic wildlife parks, peaceful lakes, meandering rivers and ranging of floras and faunas are the few natural attractions that make Kashmirnot less than heaven on earth. Whatever is your purpose of visit, whether wish to spend some moments in the lap of nature or simply looking for a place where you can spend your time away from the scorching heat of the plains; it perfectly know how to make it possible in this state. Considering tourist’s value and interest we have strived to make Best tour packages to Kashmir in such way which brings almost every attraction to the visitors and give them a remarkable holidaying experience.

Apart from admiring its scenic attractions, one can experience many other things during travel in Kashmir such as sightseeing tour, spiritual tour and adventure tour as well. Due to several romantic trekking trails and excellent topography, it is also considered an ideal place for several adventure activities like mountaineering, white-water rafting, trekking, nature walk, mountain-biking, snow-skiing and etc.

Apart from Houseboat Tours in Kashmir is also very popular world-wide takes tourists in the stunning world of water and wonders and leave them spellbind. Among many lakes, theDalLake is a most favoured destination for the mooring of houseboats. It is a place where one can enjoy a splendid scene of houseboats of different shapes plying on the placid waters amidst fine surroundings. Encircled with stunning surroundings, the Dal is famous not only for its beauty, but its vibrancy, because it sustains within the periphery, a life that is unique anywhere in the world.

Often referred to as Shikara the houseboat communities have lived for centauries on the Dal, and so complete is their infrastructure on theLake. A Shikara ride is one of the most exciting experiences inKashmiras takes tourists through enchanting locales and fills their heart with fun and ecstasy.

Apart from, there are many other attractions of tourist interest named as Gulmarg literally called the ‘meadow of flowers’,Srinagaralso home to stunningDalLake, Sonamarg, Pahalgam, and many more. Well if you love adventure and wish to indulge in several thrilling adventure activities then must visit to Ladakh, one of the beautiful regions in the stateJammu and Kashmir.

Besides these, there are many other attractions, thus choose any right tailor made Kashmir tour package and make your vacations an everlasting experience.

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Kashmir the Most Outstanding State to Spend Holidays

Kashmir is a very beautiful and outstanding state which gathers thousands and thousands of tourists from every corner of the world. It is a very beautiful place blessed with excellent elements of the nature such as lush green valleys, undulating hills, swift flowing rivers, gushing lakes, plunging waterfalls, mighty mountains and lots more. It also provides the tourists and the visitors with beautiful gardens which is very much liked and admired by the tourists. This beautiful place is famous throughout the world for its outstanding climatic condition and scenic natural beauty. The natural elements of this heavenly land are everlasting and are always at its best. Visit to this heavenly land at any time of the year provides the tourists’ and the visitors with awesome tourism which is so beautiful and charming.Honeymoon in Kashmir

Kashmir the best destination for the tourists who wants to enjoy some time with the beautiful elements of nature. It also provides the tourists with peaceful and tranquil environment where the tourists can spend some time with the nature. This heavenly land is also famous among the newly married couples to celebrate their honeymoon in a very special and unique way. It provides the honeymoon couples with peaceful and tranquil environment so that the couples can enjoy their vacation and create beautiful moments which will always bring smile upon their faces. Honeymoon in Kashmir is awesome as it provides the honeymooners with new and excellent experiences which will always bring smile upon their faces.

Kashmir is a very beautiful place to spend holidays in the abode of the nature. Holidays in Kashmir is a life time experience as it offers the tourists and the visitors with many outstanding and remarkable places to visit which will surely mesmerize the tourists and leave them spell bound. It also offers the tourists with many pilgrimage places which is famous throughout the world and is visited by many devotees and pilgrims from across the world. It also provides the tourists with many sightseeing spots which is very unique and special.

Kashmir is a queen of all tourists’ places and offers the tourists and the visitors with many interesting and outstanding places to visit which surely captivate the tourists and leave them speechless. The most famous and the interesting places to visit in these heavenly land are the Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Patnitop, Sonamarg, Srinagar and lots more.  The travel in Kashmir are so beautiful and charming which will surely compel the tourists and the visitors to visit this heavenly land again and again.

Kashmir Holiday Packages  provides the tourists and the visitors with all the interesting and outstanding places to visit which will create beautiful memories which will be cherished forever in life. The main attraction of this heavenly land is the Dal Lake which offers the tourists and the visitors with charming houseboat ride which is very much famous among the tourists. This heavenly land is visited by horde of tourists from across the world which offers the tourists with maximum opportunity to enjoy their holidays in the best way possible.more details

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Kashmir the Heavenly Valley Of India

Kashmir beautifully situated in the north western region of the Himalayan foothill is one of the most beautiful states of India. It is a well blessed nature gifted with picturesque enigmatic natural hill stations, green meadows laden with fruits and flowers, fully decorated with crystal clear lakes and waterfalls giving life to every weary visitor of the hills. Today Kashmir is one of the most loved hill resorts of India hunted by many holiday makers and honeymoon escapers of the world.Kashmir Travel Packages

Kashmir truly is a getaway paradise estate for nature lovers and honeymoon couples. Here people enjoy the scenic hill trek, houseboat cruise in Dal Lake and enjoy mesmerizing tour adventure in many world’s famous glacier mountain peaks. The place like Gulmarg, Patnitop, Sonmarg, Pahalgam and Srinagar are the top leading Kashmir tourism happening sites talk about by thousands and millions of tourist as on with any packages to Kashmir.


This place is famous for its synonymous beautiful quiet meadows and flower carpeted fields that surround the valley. Sonmarg is fully surrounded by amazing glaciers, miniature plateaus, snowfields, pines and islets which make the place charming and attractive. The snow clad peaks when reflect the golden rays of the sun, gives a sparkling reflection effect to the entire valley. The glaciers, waterfalls and placid lakes add beauty and charm with tremendous beauties of nature making the place the best site for leisure tour escape all these and many more can be explored as on your trip to Kashmir.


This particular site is a beautiful tourist fascinating site which by name itself means meadow of flower remains legendary beauty gifted land of Kashmir. The hill resort with its magical charm of scenery with snow clad peaks and exquisite panorama of the surrounding hills give an impressive stay.


It is the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir which known for its enthralling wonders prevailing in it. This is well dotted with several enchanting attractions of sacred pilgrimage, beautiful lakes, aromatic Mughal garden for which it has been acclaim globally as the one of the only picturesque nature gifted capital city in the world.

If you go further exploring the places there are lots of tourism happening sites offering lots of opportunity and facilities. Take the help of Kashmir tour operators and discover overall attractions and excitement prevailing in it and don’t forget to customize Kashmir Houseboats, as it offers all the vacationers the most unique experience. There are also places offering variety host of sporting opportunities in different sites. Tourists can enjoy various adventure activities at the hill stations where such fun filled opportunities galore. Among the common tourist activity of Kashmir includes, snow sports, especially skiing lures many tourist.

The beauty and charm of the sheer natural bounty with wide varieties of flora and fauna of Kashmir have given great fame and title to India. Thus Kashmir is name as the jewel in the crown of India. Visit it and make the most memorable outing with kashmir travel packages from India. The place like Kashmir is truly a nature gifted paradise hard to be found elsewhere. Take a chance at any occasions of life and embark it with your dear ones and treasure unforgettable sweet memories with photographs in different picturesque sites of Kashmir.

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Kashmir A Master Piece Creation on Earth

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